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बालबालिकालाई पनि लाग्यो रोपाई, नयाँ पुस्ताको १९४ औँ भाग (Video)

Story of Samiksha Subedi, who score 4 GPA (Grade Point Average) out of 4 in the SLC. Nepali Kids believe that Yoga should be practice every day not only on the International Yoga Day. To understand the food security and food cycle, student of a school in Lalitpur went to paddy farm and planted paddy with farmers. Kids are developing their own games to implement the knowledge from the books into under a project supported by Karkhana and US Embassy in Nepal. Kids were happy to participate in the first shooting competition for kids in Nepal.          

     नेपाल वातावरण पत्रकार समुहले तयार पारेको नयाँ पुस्ताको १९४ औँ भाग  (Video)


यो पनि पढ्नुहोस् :   नवनिर्वाचित सभामुख सापकोटाले लिए पद तथा गोपनीयताको सपथ
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